Alpes Maritimes – Day 10 – My last day in France

Col de Vence.

You know it’s time to go home when a mountain biker passes you on a climb.

That happened today. Oh the shame! (In my defence, I think he was a pro! *cough*)

Ten days of cycling has taken it’s toll on my poor muscles.

I need a rest. There’s nothing left.

I’m very pleased that I’ve achieved my goal though…..

Total distance cycled: 1,087km

Total vertical gain: 18,014m

That’s over double the height of Mount Everest.

I’m a very tired but happy Rock and Rouleur.



Cycling done: My poor thighs

Rocking and Rolling done: I think it might be time for some loud guitars.

Distance: 89.7km

Vertical Gain: 1,257m

Legs: Ground beef





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